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Abseiling cast iron pipe alterations

Mach Abseiling provide specialist abseiling plumbing in London. We have been providing these services to home owners and buisnesses in the London area for some time now. We have had a 100% succsess rate. Abseiling plumbing is a growing way to access hard to reach pipes with out the use of a cherry picker or expensive scaffolding. 


Most of our repairs take less than a day. We can provide on request full pictured documentation with a Mach Abseiling advice on the state of your plumbing externally. Abseiling plumbing in London is proving to show all alternatives as uneconomical for time and price. We repair all sorts of exterior problems and specialise in instalations of new plumbing. 


We repair cast iron stack work aswell as modern PVC. We fix leaky pipes and install for refurburation projects. Using Abseiling plumbing in London leaves no mess or damage to the building.

Plumbing services include:

  • Cast iron repairs / Pvc instalations 

  • Cast iron to pvc installs

  • Boiler flu installs

  • Downpipe leak repairs 

  • High pressure Jetting

  • Gutter repairs and cleaning 

  • External pipe fixing and making good

  • Hopper cleaning 

  • Pipe refurbishment and painting

Frequently Asked Questions-

Are your employees qualified for this kind of work?

Yes, plumbing operatives are qualified abseilers and audited by the IRATA ( international rope access trade association) Our abseilers also have plumbing qualifications. We are abseiling plumbers if you like.

I have cast iron pipes will this produce a problem?

No, cast iron pipes are more involved and more time conducive but not a problem for our team! We keep cast iron pipe cutters and failing this we can use a grinder to open the pipe and cut in to two pieces. We ensure all pipes are tethered or connected to a lowering and hauling system. Rope access ropes can take weights of up to two tonne so there is nothing to worry about.

How Long will i be without a toilet?

In most cases domestic works take around a day industrial or property refurbishment projects can take longer. We aim to get the pipework reconnected as quickly as possible and keep good communication so as all tenants or site manager are aware as soon as the facilities can be used again.

My plumbing is leaking do you carry out reactive maintenance and how long will it take for you to attend?

We understand how frustrating it is when pipes leak or become defective and can either cause problems with the property and to tenants. 

At Mach Abseiling we do our upmost to attend as soon as we can especially when the works are causing problems to the owners. We find we can normally attend in days within the week! Emergency works can also be undertaken we work with some of Londons finest plumbing company's to support they're clients as well as there own.

Im having a boiler fitted and my plumber says i may need a abseiling company to assist?

When a boiler is installed in property at height it may become necessary to install the flu pipe out the wall a costly job but relatively simple if

using scaffolding! We assist many plumbers in fitting the flu pipe and condensing pipe to keep boilers installs up to building standards and adhere legal requirements even when your property is at height. Many boiler manufactures have even recommended us!

What happens if the condition of the pipes was worse than expected?

Most times we can just rectify this on the day but if extreme circumstances occur we can take pictures and document the problem and come up with a smaller additional costing

In want to get a quotation how should i proceed?

Start by sending us a email with pictures if possible of the problem a description of what you suspect the issue to be or give us a call. We can assatain what would be involved by satellite images of the building. However if the plumbing is more involved we may come for a quick survey free of charge and arranged at your convenance.

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