Can you apply stickers to Rope Access helmets?

It has been a debate that has been ongoing for many years and one i wanted to get to the bottom of. Companies have been known to encourage the use of stickers on helmets to identify first aiders or equipment.

Well where do we stand??

As much as id prefer to say yes don't apply stickers there really is no answer. Its always recommended to follow the manufacturers instructions regarding the management of equipment. Its good to remember these points

-Stickers hide cracks or defects

-Stickers may eliminate electrical resistance

-Manufacturers can not be certain that the adhesive on the stickers will not affect the structural integrity of the material of the helmet. This could also be said of the use of permanent markers.

If stickers are really necessary we recommend using those provided by petzl or the manufacturer.

However periodic inspection below the stickers would be advised on inspection intervals.

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