ISC - HaulerBiner Compact Rescue Kit

HaulerBiner Compact Rescue Kit

The all new HaulerBiner Compact Rescue Kit from ISC Wales

The all new hauler beaner is a competitor for the JAG system from Petzl a mechanical advantage rope access compact pulley system. It has three pulleys inside to offer a 6:1 pulley system or a 7:1 Mechanical advantage system.

The hauler beaner has what ISC call purpose design progress capture cam that gives you the freedom of a on or off feature. Inside the hauler beaner we find a 6mm diameter rope for strength and good grip when in use.

Technical Data

Rope diameter range (mm)6

Number of persons 1

(SWL) Safe Working Load (kg)140

(SWL) Safe Working Load (lbs)308(MBS)

Minimum Breaking Strength (kN)16

(MBS) Minimum Breaking Strength (lbf)3596

Body finish Anodised

Weight (grams) From 575g (depending on kit length), packed in pouch

Weight (ounces) From 20oz (depending on kit length),

The HaulerBiner can be used in these ways:

Pick off system from a structure

Advantage when in full suspension from a harness

In use with a stretcher using two haulers to adjust orientation of the stretcher

from horizontal to vertical in a controlled way with one operator.

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