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Mach Abseiling is starting a FAQ - frequently asked questions which is going to be a series of blog posts aimed at the aspiring rope access techs aswell as those looking for information that are looking to employ a rope access company and those that just can’t get enough of information on the internet! 

This month we are looking at “who are IRATA?” 

IRATA are the international rope access trade organisation. They are one of only two organisations used to ordit and maintain a level of standard in the Abseiling community otherwise known as Rope acces . Irata was started in the late 1980s to bring about a more safer approach to Abseiling more so in the oil and gas sector of its use. Fundamentally introducing there most famouse directive of a technician always have two individually anchored points of attachement which almost eradicated all major fautalities. Irata now regulate all rope access technicians which is in the 100,000 range worldwide. All technicians undergo rigourious training to ensure they are fit mentally and physically to carry out there duties as a abseilier whether they are 5-500 feet from solid ground. Irata introduced there level system that also structures capabikities for all situations starting out at level 1 - These Abseiling can access practically anything and perform a few basic rescues.

Level 2 - Technicians that have reached level 2 can carry out everything of a level 1 but to a higher degree including more rescues for different senarios and a more in depth look at rigging and hauling. These techniques are used to move heavy objects casualties or create safe environments normally withought hanging from a rope or being in full suspension as it is otherwise know 

Level 3 - This is the highest qualification as a technician which means that the operative has been trained to carry out all that a level 1 and 2 can achieve and some. Now he can perform manoeuvres not only solo but with a causality suspended normally from his own harness at the same time. These individuals are also qualified to oversea Level 1 and 2 technicians as oversight to ensure maximum safety. It is imperative that a level 3 but based on all rope access undertakings. 

So there’s a brief look in to Irata and the system to which all companies should operate. 

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