Petzl Release New Equipment

Its always exciting to find out what the market leaders have been up to.

They seem to have some little gems for us coming in March 2018. We see the announcement of a new improved aveo harness. (See on left) The auto bod fast an exciting harness in the petzl range called the ASTRO which is designed for full suspension work.

They are both pretty similar with all the standard buckles and attachments. You will will now find LT automatic buckles on the leg straps that look better for clipping in than previous cheap nasty plastic clips we saw on the aveo line.

There are a few tidy little chunky plastic side clipped areas for attaching tools or items on a lanyard of your choice. This Harness is rated to European standards as well as Russian standards.

We look forward to testing this harness but have to question will the extra £££ be worth these small features only time can tell wether petzl have pulled it out the bag in 2018 with these harness adjustments

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